Air France

At the airport

With Air France Business Class, you start feeling special right at the airport. Business Class passenger gain access to SkyPriority – a feature that speeds up check-in, security check, and baggage handling process. For checking-in, you can either choose an interactive kiosk or a check-in counter. Overall, you’ll be prioritized at every step of the flight: you can proceed to your cabin in a fast-track manner, and you’re the first to receive your baggage upon landing (as a business class passenger, you’re allowed to bring 2 bags weighing up to 32 kg each).

Check in

Additionally, you get access to exclusive business-lounges, where you can find a retreat from the airport’s noise and relax while waiting for your flight. In the lounge, you can have a snack, get all the necessary information, freshen up, simply rest or get some work done if needed.



As a business-class passenger, you’ll spend your flight in a personalized cabin that can serve as your private dining room, entertainment room, working office and bedroom. The modern-looking spacious cabin is aimed to satisfy all your needs and features the following:

  • A fully adjustable and sizeable business seat with headrest, comfy footrests and armrests, and direct aisle access;
  • The seat can be set in the full-flat mode for sleep, or be turned into a table for dining or work;
  • Power outlets to charge your devices;
  • Adjustable lamp for reading and work;
  • Noise-canceling headset;
  • Extensive storage place for personal belongings;
  • 16” HD-touchscreen with a modern entertainment system for watching movies, shows, and concerts, playing games and listening to music;
  • An exquisite travel kit.



When it comes to food, on Air France flights you can expect meals prepared by the top Michelin-starred chefs. Depending on the destination, you can try some local cuisine on-demand. Find more info on the menu and take a quick peek at some dishes here:


In addition, as expected from a French company, you can also find a fine selection of wines and champagne on board. Find out more about the extensive wine menu by clicking on the link below:

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