Business Class Flights

This site provides a convenient search engine for business class tickets. It is enough to specify the direction of flight and select the desired date, the service during several seconds will analyze the data from more than 700 airlines and 45 major online agencies and show all suppliers of tickets with prices and flight schedules in one window.

Also, this resource can help you find the cheapest flights to business class. First, you can sort the cost of all available flights on the desired date in a single window. Secondly, the search engine is looking in real time, therefore, can see the current promotions and sales of airlines and show prices with discounts.

Advantages at the airport

The first advantage that a business class passenger faces at the airport is no need to stand in a long queue for check-in. VIP-clients go to a dedicated counter, where getting plane tickets takes only a couple of minutes.

After check-in, passengers are escorted to a special waiting area, which is very different from the usual metal benches before the exits to the landing zone. In the lounge area, special guests can enjoy tea or other drinks, sitting on comfortable sofas and armchairs. Quiet atmosphere allows you to solve work issues, read a book or watch the TV. At some airports, the waiting area provides playrooms for children and special places for those who are tired of a long flight or waiting out a large time gap between flights.

With the beginning of boarding the plane for business class passengers comes a special transport, providing the first opportunity to get on the plane without the hustle and bustle. From the aircraft of VIP-passengers is also taken away in the first place.

Advantages of the salon

Business class is located in the first part of the cabin. There is less vibration of the engines and in General the flight takes place in more comfortable conditions. Seat backs comfortable and wide upholstered with expensive fabric or leather, and the distance between the seats allows you to quietly stretch your legs and sit in the most comfortable way.

The backrest reclines 160-180 degrees, providing the opportunity to sleep or just relax during the flight. Next to each seat is a socket with which the passenger can recharge their gadgets. In the back of the front seat mounted screen. The client can choose what he wants at the moment: to watch a movie, listen to music or play video games.

Meals are organized according to a separate restaurant menu, and the passenger can not wait for the General distribution of dishes, and ask to bring him food when he feels hungry.


First of all, the cost of air tickets will depend on the flight distance and airline fares. On average, the cost of services will be 3-5 times higher compared to the economy. For those who think this price is too much, there are intermediate tariffs and special promotions carriers. They can significantly reduce the price of the flight.

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